Commodore 128D

Along with the harder to find Commodore 64-SX, this is probably one of the more desirable Commodore 8-bit computers, in terms of actual usability. The standard Commodore 128 had the advantage of being a newer improved 8-bit computer while retaining a fully functional C64 mode. The 1571 was an improved double-sided 5.25" floppy drive, and it too had a 1541 backward compatibility mode. What more could the average Commodore user want? How about putting it all together in a cleaner, more ergonomic package? That's exactly what the Commodore 128D is. A C128, 1571 and power supply, all housed in a unit which can fit under a monitor, with a detatchable keyboard.

I obtained this machine at a flea market, where I was told the system was in perfect working condition. It turned out the top head in the internal 1571 was damaged, and the keyboard was in very poor shape. I have since gutted the drive mechanism out of a working external 1571 drive to replace the damaged drive which came with this unit. I later took the keyboard (in practically mint condition) from a non-working C128, and with a fair amount of soldering, replaced my barely working keyboard with a perfectly working one. After a bit of Windex, it now also looks quite presentable as well. I have also acquired a two inch 12VDC fan which is mounted on the power supply inside.

This is a wonderful machine to have. Being able to avoid the clutter of a C64, 1541, a tangle of cables, and rest the keyboard in your lap makes it a joy to use compared to my old setup. My only peeve now is having to always reach back behind the system to get to the button on my Super Snapshot V5 cartridge, or to reach to the side for the reset button. Maybe I'll do something about that some day.

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