Kinetics FastPath

I acquired two of these boxes from the computer science department at Brock University. It didn't take much begging, as they are seriously outdated. I was hoping to set up a network between one of my Mac Pluses and my PC at home, and I'd hoped to use this box to do the conversion from Localtalk to Ethernet. It seemed like a reasonable goal, since that's exactly what these boxes were made to do. However, only after much struggle (in vain), did I come to the conclusion that it was better to simply give up... for now at least. I had suspicions that these units provided support only for Appletalk Phase 1, but then seeing fields for zone information in the configuration software makes me wonder. I know little about Appletalk, so it is entirely possible that I just don't know what I'm doing! One of these days, if I ever have more free time than I can possibly imagine, I may go back to it once more. I'd really like to see this box in action. Right now it just sits there and looks kinda funky and primitive, almost like it's a high-school science project or something.

The back:

As you can see on the back on this unit, there is both an AUI Ethernet interface and a DB9 Localtalk interface.

Links of interest:

Shiva Corporation (who acquired Kinetics)
Cayman Systems Inc. (makers of the GatorBox, etc.)

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