Silicon Graphics Indigo2

In my undergraduate days, SGI was the machine of myth. I learned to use UNIX on R3000 based SGI Indigo workstations, and could never have imagined actually owning one of those machines. I still remember, in my third year, when SGI came to my university with a display that included an Indigo2. I believe that machine cost about $50,000 at the time, and it just blew everyone away. Well, now I've got that machine. It may not stand up to even the humblest PC these days, but for its time, it was simply amazing.

This machine has a 150MHz R4400 processor, 96MB of ram, and a 4GB Barracuda in it. It's currently got IRIX 5.3 installed, but I'm hoping to install 6.5 soon. Unfortunately, you can see the case is a bit banged up, and the hinges on the front are broken. Supposedly this happened in transit, but the broken clips weren't anywhere in the box when I received it...

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