Digital MicroVAX 2000

I was really happy to get this machine, back in about 1997 or so. A genuine VAX, from Digital Equipment Corporation. Of course, this is just a little bitty MicroVAX, with 6MB of RAM and a 150MB hard drive. It's got VMS 5.5 installed, and a few other goodies on top of that, like the C compiler, in particular. Actually, there's a bit more than that, but I haven't really used this machine very much. I wasn't terribly familiar with VMS when I got this system, and now it's kind of late to start learning. Well, when you have other things that you must work on, it becomes difficult to set aside free time to explore VMS. Add to this the difficulty imposed by the fact that I have no way to reinstall the system should I bugger it up, and you can see why I am hesitant even to try very many things on it without being an expert first. Of course, I'll never become an expert unless I try. What a conundrum! I still maintain a somewhat sentimental attachment to the VAX instruction set as a result of having taken an assembly language course using a MicroVAX 3100, which was later sold from the computer science department to the phys. ed. department, of all places.

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