Silicon Graphics Octane

My second SGI. Before I got the Indigo2, I was hoping that some day a used Indigo would come along. Before I got this one, I hope hoping that maybe I could find a good used O2. So, even with the expected dearth of SGI hardware on the used market, I've been reasonably fortunate. The case is fairly scratched and banged up, just like my Indigo2 (really, how does that happen to a machine like this?) but inside there is a 225MHz R10000, 640MB of RAM, a 4GB hard disk, and the ESI graphics board. I've currently got IRIX 6.5 on it, which I installed from my Linux server over a network, after seeing that the machine doesn't come with a CD-ROM drive. (It doesn't even have an internal 5.25" bay, which seems a gross oversight considering the era in which these were made, and the fact that all O2s seem to have CD-ROM drives built in.)

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