Commodore PET Model 4032

This, along with the SuperPet SP9000, was one of the many PET computers which were given to me several years ago. Although I suppose if I ever want to use a PET the SP9000 would probably be the machine I would prefer, I am hanging on to this one because I like the small "2001-ish" style monitor attached to this unit. I'm not actually sure how common this particular model is, as I've seen Model 4032's before, but none with this monitor.

As you can see, someone at the school from which these machines came had decided to write a large "A" on this unit with a thick red marker. I have not yet made any real attempt to remove it. I did, however, remove a fair coat of dust from it before this picture was taken.

Note: I am no longer 'hanging on' to this machine. It was given away some time ago.

CBM 4040 Dual Floppy Disk Drive

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