Commodore SuperPET SP9000

Here's a really nice machine to have, as far as collectible computers go. I suppose a lot of people have used PETs in elementary school (I didn't), but very few have ever owned one. This SuperPET was obtained for free, along with two carloads of other PET computers of varying models, when a local elementary school decided it was finally time to toss their old inventory. I heard about this from a member of the Faculty of Education where I work, and set up a plan for a friend and I to intercept the lot of them before they ended up in the garbage. Most of them have since been given away, but I do still have a few sitting in the basement. Perhaps a few too many, seeing as I absolutely never use these machines. As an aside, the tape drive sitting next to this unit was the first external storage device originally purchased for use with my Commodore 64. It too sees very little use.

Note: All of the PETs mentioned above are long gone. I only have the one pictured left now.

CBM 4040 Dual Floppy Disk Drive

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