IBM ThinkPad T21

This was my third ThinkPad, which I bought refurbished at an IBM warehouse, less than an hour away from me. It was still expensive, but quite a lot lower than what these were going for new in the spring of 2001. I upgraded it immediately to 256MB of RAM (512MB was the maximum, but rather than pay the high price for the two needed 256MB PC100 SO-DIMMs, I just replaced the machine). Later on, I also got an Adaptec USB2Connect USB 2.0 PC card, since this machine only has a USB 1.1 port, and I wanted to access an external USB hard drive.

The T series ThinkPads are truly outstanding. They are small, light, and well built. The stealth black outer shell is the most attractive look I've seen in any computer. It is unfortunate I couldn't find a reasonably priced current T model with the features I need.

As of March, 2004, this machine was replaced by an R40.

Note: This unit came with an extra 2-year on-site warranty, and around six months after the purchase date, the display needed to be replaced due to a full line of pixels which went bad on it. IBM service was very impressive to say the least. A technician came to my place of work and within a half an hour he had the display replaced.

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