IBM ThinkPad T60


My fifth straight ThinkPad, and the first after the brand was sold to Lenovo. This one was purchased used, but only a couple of months old, so almost all of the three year warranty is left. Of course I made sure that the machine was in "as new" condition before buying.

My first impression after owning this machine for a few weeks now is that the build quality has not suffered with the move to Lenovo. My only complaints are that the display is not as bright as it could (should) be, and that the keyboard is not quite perfect. It is not bad (see my R40 comments), but it is too clacky. I am very picky about keyboards, and I'm disappointed that neither of my newer notebooks has matched the fabulous keyboard that came with my old T21. But then, I bought that machine for $2999+tx, refurbished, whereas neither of my machines since has cost more than two-thirds that much, brand new. I guess neither IBM nor Lenovo has cared to reach the pinnacle of keyboard quality in these price conscious days. I know if there was a 'super premium' keyboard option for ThinkPads, and it cost an extra $100, I wouldn't hestitate to get that upgrade. I'd bet I'm not the only one who feels that way.

This is quite a powerful machine (for it's time) with the Core 2 Duo T7200 and 2GB of memory. Somehow, Vista manages to make it seem very slow at times, especially after logging in.

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